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E89: An Important Message To All Hunters (feat Brian Murphy CEO of the Quality Deer Management Association on Transporting Trophies, Hunting In CWD Areas, and Our Responsibility as Hunters)

October 16, 2018

Brian Murphy might be the real "most interesting man in the world." He has been more places working with deer than many of us will ever even visit. We'd love to talk to him more about the fun stuff sometime, but right now we have a pressing issue.

CWD is spreading. Hunters are partially to blame. What part can we play in stopping this? Thats what we called up Brian to inquire. He is a wise fellow with a very objective (and positive) outlook on CWD and the future of deer hunting. Fact is: If we as hunters start taking a few extra precautions, the future is bright!


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Drawing your bow can be one of the most important, yet neglected aspects of the shot. What is the the archery equivalent of a MLB pitchers windup is sometimes looked at as nothing more than a means to an end for most hunters. This is a special and intense podcast. We get a little fired up about a few sub-topics and the ambience that a rainy front porch makes it even better.


How To Kill A Deer After Work:

First Whitetail of 2018


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