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E57: Pickin’ and Scoopin’ (Feat. Steven Drake, Hunter, Photographer, Vlogger, Shed Fanatic)

March 8, 2018

Today's show is a great one! We get to pick the brain of an awesome shed hunter and all-around good guy, Steven Drake. Steven is a nice fellow with a friendly smile, but there is another side to Mr. Drake. Whether he is weilding a camera, archery equipment, a spotter on a tripod, or a pack full of fresh browns; he is a bad bad man! No matter if it's in the mountains of BC or the coulees of AZ, Steven will be there, going full bore with a positive additude and a grin. He likes type 2 fun, and that's a good quality to have as a hunter.

Steven is a Montana native who has traveled the world hunting and photographing the animals he loves, all the while keeping an eye out for shed antlers.He has provided content for many of the big names out there. He works closely with Sitka Gear and was one of the judges for Sitka's Diverge Photo Contest. 

To see the world of Steven Drake:

Instagram: @stevendrakephoto (heck of an insta follow)

Vlog: Steven Drake (This isn't your run of the mill vlog. This is the product of a creative mind and great videography. Prepare to be amazed.)

Photography: Annuli Collective

Video of the epic Elk shed find Steven Referenced: Giant Shed!

It's that time of year! The "horns" are dropping and the second hunt is on. We are drooling at the thought of whitetail "Brown Gold" that might be lying in wait for us. The rodents better stay away because we will be out grid searching at the first opportunity.

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