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E54: Into the Grey Light (Feat. Stephen Spurlock of Pale Horse Productions on Post Season Scouting, Hunting Mature Bucks, and Exploring The Extensive Range of Whitetail Deer)

February 15, 2018

Now is the time to be in the woods! Deer season really never stops when you are focused on mature bucks. This time of year is the best time to get out and locate where those beasts have been hiding. The foliage is down and the sign is fresh! 

Today on the show we pick the brain of a master of post season scouting, Stephen Spurlock. Steven has left out no detail in his system for finding big bucks after season's end. We learn a ton about what types of sign will lead you to big bucks, what a shed antler can tell you, and how to take post season finds and apply them to fall hunting scenarios. Stephen is an upbeat joyful dude who spends an amount of days in the field that most of us only dream of. What makes him great is that he can take what he learns from his extensive experiences hunting and scouting and make adjustments to his strategy that directly lead to success. 

Stephen is the founder of Pale Horse Productions, which produces high production outdoor films. Thier film "Grey Light" is a beautiful joyrney into the experience of hunting open country.

Watch it here!

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