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E51: Bad Brakes, Good Breaks (Out of State Post-Season Public Land Deer Scouting)

January 26, 2018

Car troubles can't keep us down! We both have vehicles that are limping pretty bad after a long hunting season. However, there are cameras all over the midwest that need to be checked and the good days of post season scouting are numbered. We are on a grande loop around the heartland to scout a ton of public land. Hopefully our cameras are working well and not stolen.


Today we talk tactics for finding toads on public land, evaluating the potential of a property, and how we are going to get to these properties.


Be sure to mark your calendars for the Texas BHA Pint Night at Legal Draft Beer Co. The event will take place Feb. 17th, starting at 2pm. Come hang out and get to know some of your fellow public land hunters. Also, bring your inquizitive minds because us and the fellas from Storm Water Creek will be recording a live podcast and fielding questions from the audience.


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