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Big Buck Breakdown (Feat. Garrett Long of Sitka Gear on Family Traditions, National Monuments, and Early Season Whitetail Deer Hunting)

December 11, 2017

It has been a super busy deer season, but we finally got to sit down and talk to our buddy Garrett Long about his awesome early season success. We met Garrett this past summer at the TRCP Media Summit and are now proud to call him a friend. When talking to Garrett, you immediately sense his passion for hunting wild places, the camaraderie shared with his family during the hunt, and preserving the heritage that we as hunters all share. Killing big mature bucks is impressive, but accomplishing it year after year truly puts a hunter in an elite category. He possesses an immense amount of knowledge for such a young guy and I learn something every time I have the honor of talking with him.


We are on the road again in search of wild places and whitetail bucks. Public land has its challenges, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Also, Dairy Queen and Braum's on the same hunting trip?! 

To check out Garrett's tools of the trade, visit Sitka Gear. I don't believe there is a company in the hunting industry that does more for Conservation and protecting our interests as hunters. We are proud to wear their gear.

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