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B3: Backcountry Mini-series (feat. Pete Muennich of Stone Glacier on How To Backpack Hunt, What Makes a Good Pack, Coming Out Heavy, Mountaineering Style Hunting, Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance)

June 25, 2019

Pete Muennich of Stone Glacier is one cool dude! To obtain wisdom at a young age means that you have to get out and  accumulate a ton of experiences. That’s exactly what Pete has done. The guy killed a mountain goat in his early 20s!

Pete moved out west for college and has since developed a deep love for Backcountry hunting.  Formerly working at Schnee’s, and now the sales manager at Stone Glacier; Pete really has a great grasp for what is quality gear and also what it takes to survive and thrive when you are way back.

Check out Stone Glacier’s extensive line of packs and other products:

Stone Glacier

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